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HEALth Practitioner Podcast has a revised name! Learn more about stressing less on upcoming tweetchat.

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If spoken words have energy and the ability to heal, what about the written word(s)? Is there a potential healing power in the written narrative? Research is beginning to appear in healthcare literature that says narrative has the power to heal.

In life threatening situations individuals have been known to pray. Afterwards, the individual who has been in a life threatening situation or had a near death experience, or an out-of-body experience, resulting in  extreme stress or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and later  told their story in narrative form, felt they had been healed via the process of writing.

History and narrative story telling (an example would be a griot) play a vital role in the healing process.The narrative can also help the reader gain a clearer picture of  cultural competency, healthcare disparity and health literacy in american cultures and groups.

Listen to this series of podcast on the healing power of narrative healthcare. remember to leave your questions, comments, and reviews below. We like hearing from you.

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Joining me on this teleconference is Janie Owens, FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner). She is a believer in the power of prayer, and the importance of embracing the "heart" of nursing.

Throughout life, we often find ourselves facing a life transition. It can be a career change, or a personal or family crisis. One of our patients or clients might be distraught, facing a personal challenge. We might sense or intuit that Spirit is in the experience and inviting us to a deeper place of intimacy, but we are having difficulty identifying or staying with the spiritual movements that are taking place. At those times, we recognize and acknowledge the need for a spiritual companion, someone to journey with us as we take a long, loving look at our lives.

About Janie Owens, FNP

  • Janie lives in Lexington, KY
  • She has been a registered nurse for approximately 30 years
  • Practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner for 11 years
  • Presently, she is a full time DNP student.
  • In addition to her studies, she works in a family practice clinic and, as a nurse practitioner traveling throughout several states
  • She serves as Parish Nurse in her church and in a free clinic for the homeless.


Twitter: The Praying Nurse


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Ebun L. C. Adelona, PhD, is holistic nurse with a broad range of knowledge in the area of holistic health and vibrational medicine. She has worked with individuals and groups for over 30 years assisting them to achieve their wellness goals, using nutritional counseling, Bach Flower Remedies, Radionics, Reiki, Homeopathy, colon therapy, massage, yoga, rebirthing and coaching /counseling. Quantum Dynamics Transformation Breath is the mainstay of these methods. She has studied A Course in Miracles with Tara Singh and taught the course at the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development.

Ebun Laughing Crow Adelona (Eastern Tsalagi/Tuscarora) is a wise woman who honors her dual ancestral heritage; she has been trained and given permission to practice Native American ceremony, as well as traditional African ceremony and spiritual practices. She is well versed in teaching women’s mysteries and empowering women’s wisdom from the perspective of three cultures.

Dr. Adelona has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Columbia University and a M.S. in Psychiatric Nursing from Rutgers’s University. She is trained in Individual, Group and Family Therapy and had a private practice in New York for seventeen years. She has taught at the City University of New York, Teacher’s College Columbia University, Hunter College School of Health Sciences and The College of New Rochelle. She is one of the founding faculty members of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development and continues to facilitate workshops with Iyanla Vanzant

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This podcast  guest is Lee Moss, MS, APRN, ANP-C, FNP-BC, CWS, FAANP. Lee is a Nurse Practitioner at the University of Utah Burn Center. He provides comprehensive treatment for all types of burn injuries, frostbite, and other acute and chronic wounds. In addition, he provides follow - up care for patients who have been recently discharged from the Burn Trauma Intense Care Unit.

Lifestyle: Health Behaviors

To relax and maintain sanity, he hits the trails, runs ultra marathon races and spoils his granddaughter Emily. Lee started his running “career” at a reasonable pace and distance, gradually moving up to the marathon distance of 26.2 miles and thereafter into ultra marathons.

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About: My guest on this episode is Johanna Hofmann who is a licensed acupuncturists and Chinese herbalist. She has been in private practice since 1996. She has always been interested in health and fitness. She developed an interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988 and decided to formally study it in 1993 – switching career paths from information technology.

Johanna has a Master of Acupuncture (MAc) degree and an Herbal Certification in Chinese Herbs. In addition to acupuncture and herbs she utilizes dietary recommendations and lifestyle adjustments in her daily work and for self-care and self-development.

This episode includes:

  • The five branches of TCM
  1.  Acupuncture
  2. Herbology
  3. Tuina Massage
  4. Energetics /Movement (Qigong and Tajiquan)
  5. Chinese Dietary Medicine
  • Self-care strategies
  • Benefits of Qi Gong, Tuina
  • Herbs
  • Tonics/Adaptogens
  • Acupuncture as a treatment and prevention for specific health conditions
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About: On this episode of the HEALth Practitioner Podcast, I am talking with Denis Tarrant, ANP. Denis gives us an inside look at his House Call practice, as the business owner and as a clinician. We have the opportunity to hear how he started his business and became an entrepreneur, how he leads the business and also, how he makes sure he spends quality time with his family.

He shares information about:

  • Starting a house call practice
  • The business of operating a house practice
  • Start-up cost and overhead
  • Manhattan House Calls
  • His personal self-care practices
  • Life/work balance
  • Implications of house call practices and primary care today
  • The impact of the NY Modernization Act and NPs in NY and nation-wide
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On this episode of the HEALth Practitioner Podcast, I am talking with Tiffany Martin, RN, BSN, about incorporating yoga into her nursing practice and how she is using several integrative care modalities in her daily life for a holistic lifestyle. She tells us how she has embraced what holistic nursing really is – “a way of being”.

She shares information about:

  • Yoga training
  • How she has Implemented yoga into her personal life and her professional life as an RN
  •  Yoga teacher training program in order to offer therapeutic yoga to clients
  • Touch Therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Holistic nursing as a specialty
  • Life/work balance
  • Meditation
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On this episode Dr. Ferrara,


  • Update us on his career transition and what activities he is engaged in today.
  • Addresses the Nurse Practitioner Modernization Act and what it means for NYS Nurse Practitioners (NPs).
  • Speaks about NPs’ membership and  involvement in professional organizations
  • Encourages Political Activism for the profession of APRNs and RNs (PAC)


Dr. Stephen Fer­rara, is a prac­tic­ing Nurse Prac­ti­tioner with over 13 years of clin­i­cal expe­ri­ence. He is on the Expert Panel for Lifestyle Wellness Network,  which connect advance practice clinicians, healing arts practitioners and patients. Integrative Tele-Health and mHealth is the focus of the Network.

He is the Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at Columbia University School of Nursing and Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of The Nurse Prac­ti­tioner Asso­ci­a­tion for New York State. 

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On this episode of the HEALth Practitioner Podcast my guest is Dr. Joy Elwell, DNP, FNP-BC, APRN, and FAANP. Joy is the Government Affairs Chairperson and Treasurer of The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State (The NPA-NYS). She has been a Registered Nurse (RN) for 30 years and a Nurse Practitioner (NP) for 20 years. While attending nursing school, Joy learned about Guided Imagery and utilizes this integrative care technique in her practice today. She uses both traditional allopathic and complementary, holistic care in her practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP).

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On this episode of the HEALth Practitioner Podcast, I am talking with fellow Nurse Practitioner Teri Mills, President, of the National Nursing Network Organization (NNNO). She  tells us what the National Nurse Act 2013 is, and why it is needed.

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On this episode, Dr. Lisa Goins and I discuss:

  • The nickname for Vitamin D 
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  •  Correcting Vitamin D deficiency
  • Cost of Vitamin D
  • Prevention of falls
  • Cost savings
  • Ways to get Vitamin D
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